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“Nex feels like what the Apple Watch was supposed to be.”


What would you do with Nex?



You’re always one step ahead of the curve. Finding tricks and shortcuts that help get tasks done efficiently is something that comes naturally to you. The latest smart gadgets and news gets you excited about what the future of technology looks like and how it affects our daily lives.



Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube and beyond; you’re no stranger to these places where people connect and share. You enjoy being up to date on what’s happening the very moment it happens. You value connecting with your circle in a way that is personal and familiar to you.



Mobile app games are your thing. You’re on the go a lot and enjoy having something to do to pass the time or to keep your mind busy. Challenging friends or playing with other people helps make a game feel more immersive for you. You value interactivity and instant gratification.



Your health is important to you. Setting goals and achieving them helps you stay motivated. Challenges don’t scare you.

How does Nex work?

Nex is bringing hacking to the masses. You don’t need to be a developer; and hacking Nex takes seconds. Complete creative control is at your fingertips through Nex’s proprietary “When/Do” platform.

I double tap
Turn on Music Controller
My friend is nearby
Play a light pattern
I enter a location
Send an email

Tap on Mods to activate shortcuts

Nex brings touchable controls to your wrist with five touch sensitive, programmable buttons called Mods. Hack your Mods to control your music, smart home, messages, games, or just about anything your creative mind can dream up. Open your garage, snap a selfie, control your music, or challenge your friend to a game of One Up all at the touch of a Mod.

  • Take a picture
  • Control music
  • Send messages
  • Send an S.O.S
  • Control smart home

Never miss out

Nex communicates with you using subtle patterns of light and vibration. On the go or can’t take out your phone? Customize your notifications through beautiful animated light patterns that are private and personal to you. There are over 50 light patterns to choose from. Don’t see one you like? Then get creative and make one of your own. Nex let’s you know when a friend is nearby, if it’s about to rain, or when you’ve reached your fitness goal – whatever you decide is important to know in the moment.


All kinds of

Nex integrates with hundreds of your favorite apps, so get busy creating and customizing what matters to you most.

Just some of the things you can do with Nex…

  • Track activity Track your steps and calories burned.
  • Take a picture Replaces your selfie stick. Nex integrates with the camera.
  • Control your music Control music and video playback on your phone.
  • Turn on your lights Control your Hue lights, LIFX and much more.
  • Open your garage Control the IoT devices in your home.
  • Nex Beatbox Use your Nex Mods to control beats and loops.
  • Make a fake call Get out of awkward situations quick.
  • Sports updates Be notified when your favorite sports team scores a goal.
  • Send messages Send prearranged messages to friends.
  • Find friends Know when your friends are nearby and share your location.
  • Location aware Trigger an action or a message when you are at a location.
  • Drop a pin Mark your location on a map.
  • Share content Store photos, videos, text and links on your Mods.
  • Start a timer Turn your timer on and off when you are working out.
  • Distress signal Message your friends with your location when you feel unsafe.
  • Record your mood Record your highs and lows throughout the day.

Nex in the News

“We’ve seen the wearable technology space explode in recent years with the rise of Google Glass and smartwatches, but smart jewelry is still a rarity. The Nex band aims to change that.”


“Tech-heavy wristband designed from the ground up to make gaming a more pleasurable experience. […] There will be no more reaching in your pocket or, heaven forbid, opening your laptop.”


“Mighty Cast has created an extremely powerful gaming and social platform that pushes up against the wearable space.”


“Disney, Mattel, Xbox and Playstation take note; wearables for teens are here, and they are about to disrupt your business.”








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