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Why is the latest Nex Band called “Evolution”?

We have put forth our best experience with this version of Nex. That said, we expect it to evolve with our users significantly over time. Our community will own this brand. They will own the features and the overall experience. As such, we expect to release regular updates based on the voices of our community. We encourage everyone to share their feedback with The Nex Evolution with us regularly.

How long does the battery last?

Nex has an 80mAh which should last over a day for a power user and longer for casual use. You can charge your Nex with our USB extension cable. Nex will light up to tell you it’s charging and when it’s complete. You can also double tap the power button any time to get a battery indication.

What if my band doesn’t fit?

Nex should be one size fits all. But if you’re unhappy with the fit, feel, or anything else within the first 60 days, feel free to send it back to us for a refund. Nex will also be coming out with accessory bands shortly. Stay tuned.

Is Nex waterproof?

Nex is waterproof up to 3 ATM. This means Nex can withstand water pressure to an equivalent to a depth of 30 meters. In spite of this, it is possible that diving into water or swimming could add more pressure than simple submersion. As such, we don’t recommend swimming with Nex. But it’s fine in the rain, getting splashed, accidental submersion, or showering.

I pressed the power button once and see a red light pattern flashing three times. What does this mean?

Seeing this light pattern means that your Nex is in "Do Not Touch" mode. When Do Not Touch is activated, touching your Mods to activate Hacks or to see your Mod colors becomes disabled until you toggle this mode off. To quickly toggle Do Not Touch mode off or on, quickly press the power button THREE times. Blue flashes mean that Do Not Touch is NOT activated, while red flashes mean Do Not Touch IS activated.

I pressed the power button once and felt a vibration go off instead of seeing my Mod colors. What does this mean?

This means that Nex is in "Do Not Disturb" mode. When Do Not Disturb mode is activated, you will not be able to see any light patterns (from notifications or Hacks, for example) on your Nex until you toggle this mode off. To quickly toggle Do Not Disturb mode off or on, you can cover all your Mods with your hand until you feel a vibration. You can also toggle it in-app. For iOS users, tap on the Band Status icon in the upper right corner. For Android users, tap on the Profile section in the navigation bar and scroll down until you see the settings.

My Nex is close to my phone and I have bluetooth turned on but it still won’t connect! What do I do?

If you come across this problem, please follow these three steps:
    • "Forget" Nex from your phone's Bluetooth Settings. Make sure "The Nex Band" is not listed under "My Devices". If it is, tap it and select "Forget this Device".
    • Turn Bluetooth off and then on again just once.
    • Press and hold Nex's power button until you feel a vibration and see a white light pattern.

I pressed the power button once and see a yellow and blue light pattern playing. What does this mean?

Seeing this light pattern means that Nex is paired to your phone but not to the app. To reconnect, make sure Nex is close to your phone and that you have bluetooth turned on

I pressed the power button once and see a red and blue light pattern playing. What does this mean?

Seeing this light pattern means that Nex is disconnected from your phone. To reconnect, make sure Nex is close to your phone and that you have bluetooth turned on.

How do I pair my band?

After downloading the Nex app, simply give your power button a single press when prompted. The Nex app will spot your band and guide you through the rest.

What devices is Nex compatible with?

Nex is compatible with iOS 8 on iPhones 4S and above. Nex is also compatible on Android 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich) smartphones including those from LG, Motorola, Sony, Samsung, HTC, Xiaomi and more.

Can Nex function without a smartphone?

No, Nex must be tethered to your smartphone to operate.

How do I charge my Nex band?

Nex charges with a USB adapter which is provided. To check your battery level, simply double-press the power button quickly and the band will light up to indicate the remaining battery strength. When charging, a charging animation will play on the band for the first few seconds. Nex will light up once charging is complete.

What if I want to create a Hack that goes beyond When/Do?

Simple Hacks can be created in seconds with single conditions. But advanced users can add additional actions and triggers by selecting “Add a condition” in the When/Do screen. And stay tuned for our upcoming Maker Channel which will allow users to create their own customized experiences.

What kind of shipping options do you offer?

We offer 3-5 day, 2 day, and 1 day shipping.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, but additional shipping rates will vary depending on your location. Shipping information will be provided at checkout.

What is your return policy?

If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, simply contact Nex within 60 days of your purchase day to request a full refund. To qualify for a refund, all the following conditions must be met:
  • Returned product(s) must be unused, undamaged and in its original packaging.
  • A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) must be requested from our customer service team within 60 days of your purchase date and the Product must be received by Nex within 10 days after issuance of the RMA.
  • Returned products must be packed in their original packaging including all accessories, manuals, documentation and registration that shipped with the Product.
  • Shipping and handling charges, gift wrap fees, and taxes paid (e.g., state, customs, VAT) are not refundable.
  • Customers are responsible for shipping charges and shall assume all risk of loss or damage to the Product while in transit to Nex. We recommend that you use a tracking services for your protection.

I’m a game developer – how can I make games for Nex?

We want to make it easy for developers to build that physical connection into their games and other apps. So we’ve developed an SDK and custom APIs and even Unity support. Sign up to our newsletter to receive notifications when the Developer Program will be available.

How can 3rd parties integrate with Nex’s Hack architecture?

Very soon we’ll be opening up our API/SDK which supports both iOS and Android development. Sign up to our newsletter to receive notifications on when the Developer Program will be available.

I’m a retailer – what programs do you have?

Please reach out to our sales department at to learn about the exciting programs we have to offer.

I have an idea for a Hack. Where can I share it?

Hecks yeah! Let us know about your idea at You can also feel free to post them on our Twitter page or Facebook page as well. We plan on releasing new updates regularly. This is your band so we want to make sure we’re incorporating your best ideas as quickly as possible.

How can I stay updated about Nex?

Sign up to our newsletter or visit us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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