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We are Mighty Cast, the team that’s bringing Nex to life. We’re pretty awesome at what we do.

Nex is a fictional product.  Well, at least it used to be.  The original concept for Nex came years back when the multiple Emmy-Award winning co-founders were developing a fictitious fantasy story world called The Mighty Maru.  The story is set in a world of dwindling resources and a swelling disparity in income.  Out of rebellion, a group of kids band together and form a secret society with the goal of making positive change in the world.  In the end, the society members become vigilantes and are forced into hiding.  And the only way they are able to identify, communicate, or disrupt the world with magic is through an enchanted bracelet.

Many felt passionate about the story, more so for the bracelet- “can you create that real magical bracelet and have it do all of those things it does in the story?”.

It was then that we decided to make this imaginary prop a reality.  Since 2012, Nex has been awarded a patent, built partnerships ranging from IoT to jewelry, and has received numerous awards including Engadget’s Reader’s Choice Award and the CES Innovation Award.

We have an offbeat story and now, we’re happy to say, we have a very creative wearable.

We’ve come a long way…


Magical Bracelet – January 2012

Emmy-Award winning co-founders create story world of Mighty Maru which features a futuristic and fictitious magical bracelet.


Montreal-bound – June 2012

Packed our bags and moved the company from San Francisco to Montreal. Rented a hole in the wall office and started building out the technical team.


Patents Pending – January 2013

The two filed patents and self-funded the development of the Mighty Cast Modular Smart Band.


Proof of Concept – July 2013

First working prototype and alpha iOS application created to demonstrate proof of concept. Mighty Cast Smart Band changes name to Nex.


$1 Million Award – January 2014

Mighty Cast is awarded $1 million award by the Canadian government to bring gaming to Nex – the largest award given in the country.


Major Progress – December 2014

Nex adds touch functionality and completes all major development including Industrial Design, Electrical and Firmware engineering.


Manufacturing Partner – April 2015

Nex selects manufacturing partner and begins manufacturing tooling.


Patents Granted – January 2016

Nex wins CES Innovation Award, gets patents granted, and completes manufacturing. We’re ready to go!


Nex 1.0 Modular Beta Complete – March 2016

Nex wins CES Innovation Award, gets patents granted, and completes manufacturing. We’re ready to go!


Nex 2.0, The Evolution, is completed – November 2016

Stay tuned to find out where The Evolution will be available near you.

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