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The Nex App provides an interface that breaks down the barrier between you and technology by becoming the experience that you want it to be, every day, every hour, whenever you want.

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The Nex Evolution belongs to you and will continue to evolve and grow deeper the more you use it. That’s why we’re looking to our community to share their most creative hacks. Create a goldfish feeder, motion detector alert, or rube goldberg whatchamacallit? If so, we want to know about it. Share it with us on social media using #Nexhacks as a tag.


Light Patterns and

The essence of Nex is your world, your way. A bold statement, that we felt deserved a bold function. In your world, not only can you manage and filter your notifications, but you’re able to create your own language that is unique and personal to you. Learning a new language can be hard, but the Nex band becomes a platform for you to create your own way to communicate, between you and your band.

Over 50 light patterns to choose from
Create your own patterns through Nex’s Light Pattern Editor
Share emoji light patterns to express how you’re feeling

Inner Circle


Create a profile and stay up to date with your closest friends by adding them in your Inner Circle. Assign a friend to each of your 5 Mods and select personalized light patterns for each.


Challenge your inner circle to mini games such as our virtual tag with Poke Me or One Up them in a game of memory of light patterns.


Close by? Nex will light up to tell you when one of your friends is nearby. Want to go incognito? That’s cool too. You control when you’re visible and when you’re not.


Chat with light! Send light emojis to tell your friends exactly how you feel. And if you want to share more smiles, send them a giphy with a tap.


Health & Activity

Monitor your physical activity on the go with Nex’s fitness tracker. Track calories, steps, and create goals to trigger celebratory light patterns or motivational sounds whenever you’ve hit or missed your target.


Bluetooth 4.0

Once you download the app, pair Nex to your phone via Bluetooth 4.0 connection.

iOS & Android

Nex is compatible with iOS and Android smart phones.


Nex integrates with IFTTT.

We are excited about our current partnership with IFTTT. Not only does Nex offer users unique functions and inherent experiences, but with the IFTTT platform, Nex use cases are extended to include the hundreds of different recipes that the IFTTT platform already makes available.


DJ a party

Turn on the lights

IFTTT recipe

Adjust thermostat

Open garage door

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