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11 Wearable Tech Experts Predict Next Year’s Killer App

With all of the changes in customer expectations, the adoption of IoT, and the improvements in technology, we at The Nex Band are constantly keeping our finger on the pulse on what’s new with Wearable Tech. So we asked 11 experts to share their ......

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Top 5 Best Smart Bands On The Market in 2017

IMG_6132 As we progress further into 2017, the amount of innovation we're seeing within the world of wearable tech is on the rise. Consumers are seeing all types of new wearable devices break out into the market and we thought we'd compile some of our favourites for you to check out. Here are our top 5 wearables in 2017 so far:......

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4 ‘Under The Radar’ Wearables

IMG_7025 The market for wearable technology is booming right now - there are so many new devices emerging that it has become hard to keep up. Of course, the first ones that may come to mind are the Apple Watch, or the FitBit. But these are only the baseline of where wearables are at right now. There are so many other innovative p......

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Making A Buzz!

All-new Nex Evolution takes CES by storm ces-logo-2015-topic

We recently took our new Evolution band to CES, and it looks like we aren’t the only ones excited about it. Android Central gave us the “Best of CES 2017” award, and according to the Wall Street Journal, “Nex......

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