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Nex is your second screen

Free up your screen space and let Nex notify you about important power ups, geolocation events, or calls to action. Mods can also act as living characters, weapons, or power ups. Nex is partnering with some of your favorite games to enhance your gaming experience in both the virtual and augmented realms.


Your wearable joystick

Run, jump, shoot, and toggle away with Nex. You’ve got five buttons on your wrist. Go ahead and use them to control your mobile gaming experience.

Get casual with the Nex app

Right out of the box, start challenging your friends with some of Nex’s casual mini-games. From beatboxing to virtual tag, there are no shortages of ways to procrastinate whatever it is you’re supposed to be getting done!


Game and Mobile Developers

Calling all Indies! Nex has a turnkey SDK that integrates with iOS, Android, and Unity which will be open to independent developers at the beginning of the year. It will also be possible for developers to create their own channels and allow their apps or Web services to be included in hacks that users create. If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to us at


Bluetooth 4.0

Once you download the app, pair Nex to your phone via Bluetooth 4.0 connection.

iOS & Android

Nex is compatible with iOS and Android smart phones.

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Nex in the News

“We’ve seen the wearable technology space explode in recent years with the rise of Google Glass and smartwatches, but smart jewelry is still a rarity. The Nex band aims to change that.”


“Tech-heavy wristband designed from the ground up to make gaming a more pleasurable experience. […] There will be no more reaching in your pocket or, heaven forbid, opening your laptop.”


“Mighty Cast has created an extremely powerful gaming and social platform that pushes up against the wearable space.”


“Disney, Mattel, Xbox and Playstation take note; wearables for teens are here, and they are about to disrupt your business.”








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